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Chronic fatigue syndrome

BMJ 2010; 340 doi: (Published 11 February 2010) Cite this as: BMJ 2010;340:c738

Diagnosis: Fact or Fiction

Physicians regard diagnosis as the sine qua non of healthcare. Without
a diagnosis, physicians are at a loss as to how to help patients. But there are
many patients with mysterious symptoms who cannot be diagnosed, and thus
never receive any help. Moreover, there are many patients with recognizable
symptoms who are diagnosed, but still never receive any real help. So I
that physicians try to establish some basic commonsense healthcare principles
that apply to most or all patients, regardless of diagnosis. For example,
everyone can benefit from a diet that eliminates all toxins and addictions, such
as pesticides, heavy metals, sweets, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and drugs. It’s
time to advance beyond the limitations of diagnostic medicine by employing
some basic commonsense principles and not allowing the diagnosis to become
Procrustean bed and a prelude to a hospital bed.

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17 February 2010
Hugh Mann
Eagle Rock, MO 65641 USA