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The joint impact on being overweight of self reported behaviours of eating quickly and eating until full : cross sectional survey

BMJ 2008; 337 doi: (Published 21 October 2008) Cite this as: BMJ 2008;337:a2002

Beyond Biology

We are social mammals, and all of our activities are emotionally charged with
thoughts and memories of our relationships. These thoughts and memories
control much of our lives, including such physiological activities as sleeping
and eating. In order to correct sleeping and eating disorders, such as insomnia,
anorexia, bulimia, or obesity, we must understand their emotional associations
and social context. Sleeping and eating are more than rapid eye movements
and peristalsis; they are also dreams and reassurance. Both sleeping and eating
revolve around our need for love and security. We are more than biological
beings, and it’s impossible to overestimate the significance of our emotional
and social life.

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01 November 2008
Hugh Mann
Eagle Rock, MO 65641 USA