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Should we consider a boycott of Israeli academic institutions? Yes

BMJ 2007; 335 doi: (Published 19 July 2007) Cite this as: BMJ 2007;335:124

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thanks for trying for sanity

Lots of extreme rhetoric about BMJ and author Tom being anti-Semitic
and showing "extreme bias" against Jews, and "why don't you SHUT UP about
non-medical issues" (shades of O'Reilly and Ari Fleischer). I saw NO anti
-Semitism whatsoever.

Hinkey hates Jews? Com'on. That's laughable. I've gotten far worse
bile from Jew to Jew, and I do not hate myself or my parents.

Responses about "why not boycott other countries too" is the lamest
excuse ever for Israel's crimes, like a drunk saying he's not as much of a
drunk as the guy down the bar, as an excuse to keep drinking.

However, one said:

"Go to any Israeli University, hospital or research establishment and
you are likely to see Jews, Palestinians, Arabs, Druze and Christians
working and being treated alongside each other Surely the BMJ should not
give a platform to anyone wishing to damge that situation"

Don't know how true that is, but it's mostly irrelevant to the issue
of OCCUPATION and Israeli university's support or silent complicity for
it. So I still think a strong message should be sent to Israel, NEEDS to
be sent, regardless of how it might temporarily hurt co-academic
institutions. Even if this measure lost, but 42% supported it, that would
still send a message that Israel is walking on thin ice in terms of human

Israel has crossed the line, many times, in terms of extreme violence
against it's Arab neighbors. Israel has an a First Class High-Tech
Military and uses it regularly in cities and towns, not pathetic suicide
belts. Documents from early Zionists like Jabotinsky and others show this
as The Plan, not anomaly, not "just response", to colonize the land of
"Palestine" at the expense of the inhabitants, by force.

Israel flatly ignores International Law.

Thank you for your efforts, Mr. Hickey. It takes a lot of political
courage to stick one's neck out for an unpopular but just cause. Respect
due, even from those who disagree with the details.

P.S. After this campaign, please boycott MY country too! We are no
longer the "Beacon on the Hill", if ever were, and even some formerly-
influential Reagan Republicans have spoken out in horror at the
lawlessness of the USA.

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member: Interfaith Council For Peace in the Middle East (Jewish member)

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27 July 2007
Gary E. Goodman
Computer Services, freelance