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Hazardous Journeys

Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials

BMJ 2003; 327 doi: (Published 18 December 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;327:1459

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I have the following questions and comments for those more qualified
than myself to address with reference to EBM:

1) The human being is not a static machine entity, but rather a mix
of complex and adaptable systems of the physical and metaphysical wrapped
up in a skin jacket; how therefore, is it possible to hold all else equal
and move only one variable and measure the outcome and attribute that
outcome to that one variable and then apply the whole concept back to this
physical and metaphysical being in a skin jacket?

2) How is it possible to map the geometric consequences of the
treatment researched or given? For instance the introduction of the motor
vehicle 'solved' the manure pollution problem created by the use of horses
in city streets. However, the solution of the motor vehicle has gone on
to create more and greater problems than it ever solved. At the time of
the introduction of the motor vehicle it was not possible to know these
geometric consequences. Therefore what if the effect of children's
vaccines is a higher incidence of SIDS, or the lack of a protein means
that the high level of mercury in vaccines cannot be removed by some
individuals and there is a non-genetic increase in the incidence of
autism? By the way, where are the studies of safety and efficacy on any
vaccine in use today or at any time in history?

3. Health is a big dollar business, with vested interest. How is it
possible not to be influenced by the almighty dollar? If the common
Turmeric can kill HPV where is the money to be made compared to using a
patent vaccine(1)?

4. How is it possible, within the scope of EBM, to ignore the damage
of the side effects of medication and surgery? Blindness attributed to
the use of corticoid steroids? Heart muscle damage caused by the use of
lipitor type drugs? The MIMS is full of the collateral damage done by
medication. How does EBM make such damage acceptable? In terms of
surgery, how is that by removing the offending part is there a cure? In
my 12 years in practice I have seen many women present minus their
reproductive organs as a form of treatment, but never in that time have I
seen a man present with the removal of his reproductive organs as a form
of treatment. It is of course possible in the instance of a motor
vehicle, to surgically remove the cable connecting the engine’s
thermometer to the reading instrument on the dash board, however, the
cause of the over heating engine has yet to be diagnosed let alone

5. What then is EBM? A treatment that does harm and has some effect
on the target tissue? Yet who determines the levels of harm and level of
effect, and who keeps tract of all the collateral damage? Once upon a
time, I was told, that one only paid one’s physician when they were well,
and stopped paying them once they were sick. Now wouldn’t that be a shot
in the arm for preventative medicine, with those earning the most and
having the most work-free time, because they were able to keep their
patients well!


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Assumption: That it is possible to stimulate the initate healing ability of the human being to what ever extent without intervention to toxic substances (drugs) and surgical removal of symptoms

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21 February 2007
Sharon R Bridgeman
Acupuncturist in private practice
Laidley, Queensland 4341 Australia