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Clinically localised prostate cancer

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 23 November 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:1102

Organ removal is not necessary for cure of Cancer

In an otherwise excellent article summarising the treatment options
for prostate cancer, Wilt and Thompson, inadvertently promote an outmoded
surgical concept i.e. removal of an organ is essential for cure of cancer.

In discussing the disadvantages of external beam radiotherapy and
Brachytherapy, they imply that failure to cure with radiation is related
to not removing the prostate. There is no evidence to support this and
indeed cancer control rates with radiotherapy are equivalent to radical
surgery (2).

In many other cancers, radical mutilating surgery has not been shown
to improve cure rates. For example, in breast cancer, organ preserving
surgery and post operative breast radiotherapy is as good as radical
disfiguring mastectomy (3). Management of all cancer patients involves
consideration of quality of life and organ preservation can improve
quality of life.

Removal of an organ and its resultant commodity is unnecessary in
treatment of many cancers and indeed could be ethically indefensible in
some patients with cancers of larynx, anus and cervix. (4) (5).


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26 November 2006
Santhanam Sundar
Consultant Oncologist
Nottingham University Hospital. City Campus. Nottingham. NG5 1PB