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Experts devise strategy to fight new TB strain

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 14 September 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:566

TB - some interest at last

I read Peter Moszynski's article "Experts devise strategy to fight
new TB strain" (BMJ 2006;333:566 16 September)with great interest and a
mixture of pessimism and optimism.

My pessimism surrounds the whole concept of XDR TB. Now that this
has emerged we are faced with a huge challenge. With no new TB drugs
likely to be produced in the near future all of us who work in TB will
face the problem of how to control its spead and effect a cure. People
have warned of the dangers of giving scant attention to TB for years and
now their worst fears seem to have been realised.

My little ray of optimism comes from the attention that is now being
given to TB in the light of the recent news about XDR TB. Let us hope
that the interest will be sustained and will enter the consciousness of
the public as well as experts so that TB is taken as seriously as
HIV/AIDS, with which it is so inextricably linked.

Target Tuberculosis is a British charity working with community based
organisations overseas to try to prevent people catching TB and to ensure
that treatment reaches patients.

Alastair Burtt

Chief Executive

Target Tuberculosis

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16 September 2006
Alastair C Burtt
Chief Executive Target Tuberculosis
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