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Prevention of psychosocial problems in adolescence

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 31 August 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:460

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Role of parents in child-rearing from birth to adolescence

Role of parents in child-rearing from birth to adolescence
Dr Charu Chanana

Child rearing is a serious business. Children need constant attention
and guidance not only in early years of life but also all through
adolescence. Constant support and supervision provides them a sense of
security both mental and physical and that is important for emotional and
behavioral development.

During early years of life by providing constant parental support and
reassuring the child that he is safe and secure helps instill confidence
and character in him. During teenage too parental supervision and guidance
is equally if not more important as it prevents adolescent’s from turning
to peer groups and indulging in activities like , alcohol and in
times of difficulty and depression which are an integral part of growing
up. Thus parental support and supervision may reduce the incidence of
antisocial behaviors amongst youth if not totally eliminating it.

No matter how busy they might be parents must always find time to
spend with their children. Small gestures like attending a school
ceremony, having dinner together, reading a book to the child, playing
with him or going for a movie make a hell of a difference. Organizing
family outings and get-togethers go a long way in installing family values
in a child and also makes him realize that the family is always there for
him no matter what. These gestures may appear small but they go a long way
in creating a bond of trust and understanding between parents and their

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07 September 2006
Charu Chanana
AIIMS, New Delhi