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Ulcerative colitis: diagnosis and management

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 10 August 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:340

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Re: management of ulcerative colitis should be patient-centred

Management of Ulcerative Colitis should be patient-centered as well
as GP centered,most of my patients are managed with this in mind.GP's can
explain the drug treatement i.e.5ASA and steriods and their side effects
and the prtotective role of 5ASA from colo-rectal cancer.Only patients who
need immunotherapy are refered back to the colorectal surgeon/physcian.

The above protocol is working satisfatorily so far,and I recommend it
to all my colleagues.

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19 August 2006
Nazar R Dessouki
consultant surgeon
Sr Bernards Hospital Gibraltar