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Postoperative nausea and vomiting

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 10 August 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:313

Rapid Response:

Metoclpramide for nausea and vomiting

Some years ago, one of my colleagues, pale, sweating
and clearly hungover, made a bee line for the drug cupboard in the GI
section of the radiology departmet and helped himself to 10mgm of oral
Metoclopramide syrup. Within ten minutes his pallor disappeared and he
became his normal efficient and sunny self. The nausea, and clammy pallor
of the hangover, which can be less pleasantly relieved by vomiting, appear
to be due to gastric dilatation associated with pylorospasm; and this
small dose of metoclopramide, by allowing egress of a small amount of the
toxic gastric contents, appears to take off sufficient pressure to relieve
entirely this debilitating component of the hangover. I wonder if other
readers have similar experience of this almost magically rapid healing
effect of metoclopramide?

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14 August 2006
Giles W Stevenson
Cowichan District Hospital, Duncan, BC, Canada V9L5Y4