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Analysis And Comment NHS reorganisation

Who's kicking who?

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 21 September 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:645

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Groundhog Day

Dear Sir

I must congratulate Nigel Hawkes for so elegantly dissecting the
complexities of my own lived NHS experiences from both within and without
that system.

The pain will go on until people collaborate together, or are enabled
to. I do not believe that we will ever reach such a point with any
Government, especially the one currently at the helm with all of its
OCD(anal) and ADHD(hyperactive 'innovationitis') characteristics.
The psychopathology of all those who gain power is quickly revealed and
their toxic influences on our work and culture
soon established via the Newtonian pulleys and levers that operate from
London using machinery that has had hundreds of years of refinement to
exact the maximum degree of discomfort from those who dare to step out of
line. And we are kidded (or we kid ourselves) that we live in a democracy
because Tesco's is open on Sundays and we can have the choice of 94 aisles
and 200 toothbrushes, whilst the potential for a Civilisation established
on the foundations of Quality and Values is blighted in the womb by the
recurrent short-termism of those who require the fawning reassurance of
their advisors and allies and the adulation of the next photo-opportunity
or Media Adrenalin-Junkie.

Nope, it is high time for protest. For a start we must all mobilise
as taxpayers and protest by with-holding some of our essential core-
funding, thus ensuring that our vital oil is removed from these
dysfunctional engines and their engineers. Whilst doing this, those of us
who are fired-up enough must work towards pressing for the de-regulation
of health and social care, education and essential infrastructure. It is
time for the electorate to be far more radical. Whilst we set about this
task (and there are those of us who will), we could do worse than persuade
all our friends, colleagues and neighbours to vote automatically for the
main Opposition Party every four years, if for no other reason than to
prevent Party political complacency and to ensure that the toys are taken
away regularly enough to prevent them being continually broken (or worse
still "modernised").

Yours Faithfully

Dr Chris Manning

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26 September 2006
Chris. L Manning
Founder of FOG (Feisty Older Gits)
Twickenham TW11 9HG