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Health secretary pledges to continue NHS changes

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 21 September 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:617

Rapid Response:

Enough is enough

I am grateful for Susan Mayor for mentioning that, together with a
number of my consultant colleagues at Bedford Hospital, we have founded a
political party, currently being registered with the electoral commission,
called Save Bedford Hospital, and that we intend to campaign for the sort
of health resources which we feel that the local population of
Bedfordshire need and deserve; we shall, inter alia, be putting forward a
candidate at the next general election in the currently marginal Labour
held seat of Bedford and Kempston.

In recent years we have seen the NHS brought to its knees by
initiatives, targets, directives, and plans which are variously
irrational, poorly thought out, contradictory or simply deranged. As a
simple example,one might simply quote the inherent contradiction between
improving patient choice and reducing the number of providers.

Locally we have, just this week, been told that 26 of the hospital's
60 medical secretaries are to be made redundant, with no thought to the
impact on patient safety or patient care.

Now is the time to tell our political masters that "enough is

Competing interests:
Dr Barry Monk is the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Save Bedford Hospital party for the Bedford and Kemspton constituency

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01 October 2006
Barry E Monk
consultant dermatologist
Bedford Hospital MK42 9DJ