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A prescription for better prescribing

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 31 August 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:459

e-learning solution to a long standing problem

At our Trust we have long recognised shortcomings in the prescribing
skills of newly qualified doctors, as described by Aronson and colleagues.
For several years the pharmacy service has played a leading role in
assessing and educating junior doctors in safe prescribing practice during
their induction. This input has been widely welcomed by the doctors
concerned and their supervising Consultants, and supported by the
Postgraduate Medical Deanery.
We have recently widened this initiative, with the support of the Deanery,
to involve other hopitals in the development of a consistent approach to
safe prescribing education for newly qualified doctors. This has been
based on a multi-professional collaboration of 5 Trusts working together
to create a prescribing e-learning system which is distributed across the
internet. The system aims to assess prescribing skills in a wide variety
of common clinical scenarios and will provide extensive feedback to the
user and their mentors. There is no reason why this system could not be
adapted for use at an undergraduate level.

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12 September 2006
Caroline Hare
Senior Pharmacist - Medicines Management, Education
Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Chesterfield, S44 5BL