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Changing China

BMJ 2006; 333 doi: (Published 17 August 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;333:0-f

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Doctors' consciences

Considering the BMJ as a voice of medical conscience and a
publication of international standing, I read this personal view with
increasing dismay and distress.

Considering that China has "arguably a cupboard full of skeletons"
pays little regard to the continual abuses of human rights throughout
China and especially in Tibet.
Being a member of the United Nations they have yet to ratify The Convenant
on Civil and Political Rights ( amongst others).. This is not something
that should be disregarded.

China may be trying to improve health care and openness but that is
of little help to the marginalised races and political opponents. Can
forced abortions and sterilisations ever be justified?

In the same journal, the review of "OATH BETRAYED" by Jean Lenzer
should cause us all to reflect on our moral naivety and to remember that
23 Nazi doctors stood trial at Nuremberg 7 of whom were hanged.

Engaging with our Chinese colleages and establishing links is a
positive way forward for humanity, but we can not blinker ourselves or
consider it impolite to ask difficult questions.

Surely as doctors we should be defending all patients, the weak and
the sick.
Dr Kim Miller
Alness Invergordon Medical group

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21 August 2006
Kim D Miller
Alness/Invergordon Medical group Rossshire IV17 0UN