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Confession of a climate criminal

BMJ 2005; 331 doi: (Published 15 September 2005) Cite this as: BMJ 2005;331:643

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The Climate Criminal's levity masks the real situation

I enjoyed Prof Roberts' personal view (BMJ 2005; 331:643) with its sardonic look at the medical conference game in an environmental context.

The article arrived hard on the heels of a news briefing on recent cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, where global warming is giving Bangladeshi farmers the triple whammy of rising sea levels, increasing river flows in the Ganges system with more melt-waters from the Himalaya, and more violent and more frequent cyclones and their associated storm surges. I doubt if they would find the article very amusing.

Roberts highlights the fact that a market economy requires high consumption, which is becoming increasingly unsustainable. At a time when the leisure industry (what a curious apposition of ideas!) is fuelled by cheap flights, we have to ask, Just when are we going to take the situation seriously?

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21 September 2005
Andrew G Rivett
Associate Specialist, Health Protection Agency
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