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Rugby union should ban contested scrums

BMJ 2006; 332 doi: (Published 25 May 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;332:1281

Banning of Scrums? Whatever next?!

Dear Sirs,

I should make it clear that I am not a medical professional, nor do I
intend to become one. I am a 21 year old man in the Market Research
industry, who has played rugby ever since I can remember.
Every player know the risks they take playing in their respective
positions. I have played as a Flanker/No.8 for a long time & 3 years
ago, I seriously damaged my Medial Collateral Ligament in my Left Knee.
Therefore I am speaking with some experience, when I say that banning
scrumms will take the life out of the sport. We will end up with a
variation of Rugby League, and while I do not detest Rugby League, it is
not as fast paced & exciting as the Union game.
Forwards know they are more susceptible to low speed impact, and crushing
injuries & backs know they are more susceptible to higher speed
impacts & lower-body muscle injuries. That's the nature of the game
& in my humble opinion, that's the way it should stay.
Thank-you for reading.

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Flanker/No. 8 for many years

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02 June 2006
Robert J Macdonald
Market Researcher
Hadlow, TN11 0HY