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Personality, lifestyle, and risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer: follow-up of population based cohort

BMJ 2006; 332 doi: (Published 08 June 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;332:1359

Another dimension of strategy to prevent chronic diseases

Since cumulative evidence has established human behaviors as a major
contributor to the growing incidence of chronic diseases such as
cardiovascular diseases and cancer worldwide (1), comprehensive measures
to modify these risk behaviors are recognized as the cardinal strategy to
tackle on imminent burden by those diseases. However, promotion of
behavioral modification alone could be hampered by the fact that there are

people who do not have chances or resources to pursue healthy behaviors
In this context, Sturmer et al (3) have demonstrated another component of
human, in addition to behavior, as a significant contributor to the
development of chronic diseases; personality. As the authors have
concluded, personality is probably associated with the incidence of
diseases by way of affecting risk behaviors, which are known to cluster in
same individuals (4), leading to an increased risk for chronic diseases.
understanding of the underlying mechanisms mediating risk behaviors
including clustering of them will establish a basis on which more
efficient and
widely applicable preventive measures could be established to reduce
expanding burden of chronic diseases.

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Med 2006 (in press).

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14 May 2006
Takeharu Koga
Associate professor
Atsushi Kawaguchi
Kurume University School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Kurume, 830-0011 Japan