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NICE work: Nice try

BMJ 2006; 332 doi: (Published 08 June 2006) Cite this as: BMJ 2006;332:1394

This is all that matters

I was extremely pleased to see Shuster's response published as a
letter. The BMA and the government snipe at one another about the cause of
the NHS deficit. Tony Blair wants to press on with his reforms. Allyson
Pollock thinks the NHS is being privatised and will inevitably cost
more(and I agree with her). But until the issues raised by Shuster in his
few succinct paragraphs are sorted, there will be no answers at all. Far
from being sorted, so far they are not even being discussed.

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16 June 2006
Neville W Goodman
Consultant Anaesthetist
Southmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5NB