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Low level alcohol consumption and the fetus

BMJ 2005; 330 doi: (Published 17 February 2005) Cite this as: BMJ 2005;330:375

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"Wine/Alcohol Healthy" for anyone?

Perhaps "any" consumption of alcohol is a danger to anyone of any age
or condition.
June Russell


WINE/ALCOHOL HEALTHY? (and risks to the heart from smaller amounts)


I think it is important that everyone knows about the deception in
reporting alcohol as healthy. My
article below has recently been in area newspapers and on several other
websites (as well as my own). Although I have information on many health
topics on my website, I emphasize the dangers of light and moderate
alcohol use under the topic "Alcohol." This is because of the misleading
and biased reporting in the media - the public should have the right to
know of the risks and individuals cannot make responsible choices if they
do not have the correct facts.
On my website, I include information on how the studies exclude important
risk factors, change the dose, or omit the variables that skew the
outcome, and reveal the warnings from researchers that were omitted by
press releases. Oddly enough there have never been randomized, placebo
controlled, double-blind studies on the health benefits of alcohol - -
there have only been associations - not very scientific!
Resveratrol is in the news now, and although it is reported as healthy,
there are many studies (and experts) that question its health benefits. It
is a bit of a stretch to say that red wine is healthy because it contains
resveratrol - especially since the presence of alcohol negates the
advantage of the antioxidants. Alcohol is a drug - but this is one drug
that does not have a requirement to report the negative studies. You may
find the following sub-topics under "Alcohol" interesting (there are over
40): "Health Benefits Questioned," "The Effect of One Alcoholic Drink,"
and "Alcohol - Heart."

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20 February 2005
June W. Russell
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