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Pressure mounts for inquiry into MMR furore

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 26 February 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:483

As Simple as this

As mom researcher, and founder of Childscreen, the first think tank
of it's kind on the PREVENTIONS of autism, I ask this very very simple
question...that is...had my child(ren) been identified as a "sitting duck
child", would I in fact not have two autistic children? The answer, YES.
I will tell you why. Both of them have complement C4B deficiency, both
inherited anulle genes from both my husband and I. Both come from
autoimmune histories. Both had infections in utero dealt with by
antipyretics (, both came from parents that
have the STEALTH VIRUS, both come from a mom with amalgam fillings, both
were exposed to malathione (an immune lowering mercury salts pesticide),
both were visablly injured and medically injured by DPT 11 days after, and
MMR 2 weeks after, including biomarkers of those diseases in their gut, in
their brain, in the CSF. As far as I am concerned, I am a well researched
non hysterical parent, calling for a hysterical and wicked conclusion to
this argument, TEST THEM. Biological codes of ethics calls for any child,
any person, to be measured against the strength of a biologic, AKA
VACCINES. We ignore this ethic code routinely. We also set up damage by
cord clamping these kids into hypoxia in speech centers, opened blood
brain barriers and iron overload at birth, setting them up if you will for
the last trigger HEP B or MMR or DPT shot with opened and damaged BBB's,
which pushes them over the edge in a critical time of maturation and
pruning of the brain.

YOU DOCTORS MAKE ME SICK, in that you have not put this puzzle
together, and I, a mom, have...

So if it sounds as if I cloud the issue with all of these ioatragenic
causes, your right, but if you don't ask the questions OF WHAT WE CHANGED
IN THE LAST 50 YEARS since Autism's first recognition, HOW POISINED WE
HAVE BECOME, your genes genes genes theory is bogus bogus bogus. Cure
autism never, is your calling cards, and your genomic project will simply
go into oblivion until one out of every two children have AUTism or ADD or
MBD and every gene causes autism...last count 30 genes cause autism.


Kathy Blanco

Competing interests:
Mother of two children with autism, vaccine induced-founder CHILDSCREEN, a NPO calling for a newborn screen to identify a child with immune and metabolic difficulties before vaccinating them like pin cushions.

Competing interests: No competing interests

11 March 2004
Kathy Blanco
Mother Founder of Childscreen