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Campaign to revitalise academic medicine: Academic medicine needs teeth

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 03 June 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:1377

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Revitalize Academice Medicine-a report from China.

In recent years,revitalizing academic medicine-is a matter of major
concern all over the world .
AIDS,MDR -TB,SARS,Birds' flue etc,taught us to consider foreign medical
study programme across the geographical boundaries.
Luzhou Medical College,Sichuan province,P.R.China has initiated an
extensive and innovative foreign medical education programme for teaching
SAARC students with the help of foreign teachers.This WHO recognized
veteran central government medical college,is promoting a twenty first
century education programme with an affordable tution fees.
This will definitely help to train the students with new vigour and
enthusiasm.Chinese traditional medicine and original acupuncture
techniques will further equip our students with additional skills.

Due to lack of enough training in clincal skills and diagnostic
instruments in medical colleges at different parts of third world
countries, made our future doctor less skilled and inferior to others.

Traumaic experiences are not uncommon and therefore doctors are
loosing courage to take care of the seriously sick patients(ref-1).

We need to train our future doctors with newer techniques and skills
to manage and cure patients in critical conditions.


Traumatic experiences in practicing life
Prof(Dr)Jogenananda Pramanik.MD., Tanu Pramanik,Medical
Sociologist,Kolkata,India. BMJ:(28 October 2003)

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08 June 2004
Prof(Dr)Jogenananda Pramanik.MBBS.MD
Programme co-ordinator,Foreign Medical study Progrogramme,Luzhou Medical college,P.R.China.
Tanu Pramanik,,Ashutosh Mishra,Zhang Xilinz.