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Pathologist in Sally Clark murder case is charged with withholding vital evidence

BMJ 2005; 330 doi: (Published 27 January 2005) Cite this as: BMJ 2005;330:216

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Re: Re: Re: Re: A Fatal Misdiagnosis

Viera Scheibner most adequately discusses immune suppression
following inoculation and the potential for opportunistic infection which
can be fatal. Wonder how that ties in with the U.S. which seems to be a
nation that is becoming more ill and a nation with rather disturbing
infant mortality rates?

Beyond immune suppression, what about immune activation initiating a
deadly cascade of events in the form of circulating immune complexes?

Such things have been postulated and investigated before, which also
seem to have an eery similarity to more recent research by Wakefield,
Singh etc.:

Going back some 25 years, to a hypothesis found in the Annals of
Neurology (1) by Louis Reik Jr. MD, we find a term coined Disseminated
Vasculomyelinopathy: An Immune Complex Disease. In discussing Guillian-
Barre Syndrome and Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis (EAE) and
Experimental Allergic Neuritis, he states "how a wide variety of
infections, immunizations, and vaccinations could induce similar
sensitization to MYELIN BASIC PROTEIN (emphasis mine) has not been
satisfactorily explained."--Did he say myelin basic protein?

Reik goes on..."common to all the postinfectious and postvaccinal
complications affecting the nervous system is the initial introduction of
a foreign antigen, through either invasion or inoculation, followed by a
variable period free of nervous system symptoms and then clinical nervous
system involvement. During this asymptomatic period, antibodies could form
and combine with the foreign antigen to form circulating immune complexes.
If such complexes are trapped in vessel walls in a focal fashion,
complement is activated, and inflammatory cells accumulate and release
proteolytic enzymes, causing tissue injury."

Reik then talks about natural infections which may be the etiologic
agent for sequelae of encephalitis, aspetic meningitis, chorea, ataxia,
cranial neuritis, brachial neuritis, Guillian-Barre syndrome etc. Then,
as a corollary to natural infections, Reik states, "the same broad range
of nervous system abnormalities occurs after a variety of immunizations
and vaccinations, and clinically identical illness may follow banal upper
respiratory infections and gastrointestinal disturbances, or even occur
sporadically without identifiable antecedent infection."--Did he say

In describing Disseminated Vasculomyelinopathy, Reik states "lesions
of small blood vessels are consistently present and are more prominent and
more frequent than demyelination in patients dying soon after
onset...lesions, mainly vascular, of the central nervous system are
present postmortem in up to 20% and include vascular dilatation in the
spinal cord and leptomeninges with meningeal inflammatory cell
infiltrates, perivascular lymphocytic infiltrates in cerebral white
matter...about 25% of patients with acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis
have proteinuria and occasional cases of postvaccinal encephalitis are
associated with systemic vasculitis."

Human Immune Complex Disease "develops experimentally when antigen-
antibody complexes formed in the presence of antigen excess appear in the
circulation."--Anything to do with multiple jabs/antigens? "...serum
complement falls, and vascular lesions develop in which immune complexes
containing antigen, antibody, and components of complement can be
demonstrated by immunofluorescence."

If I recall correctly, complement activation results in the release
of histamine from mast cells. Perhaps Dr. Clemetson could help us out
here and how Vitamin C could help? So, now we have vascular lesions,
rising histamine and subsequent demyelination...??? Hemorrhage usually
within the gray matter? Brain swelling and resultant retinal hemorrhage?
Complexes lodging in the gut mucosa? Myelin basic protein? ETC. ETC. ETC.

Reik goes on more about Human Immune Complex Disease "the tissue
response is apparently independent of the antigen adminstered since a wide
variety of serum proteins produce the same lesions...clinically, serum
sickness in humans begins seven to ten days after the INJECTION of foreign
protein, with fever, malaise, urticaria, joint pains, lymphadenopathy, and
immune complex nephritis."--No wonder we have multiple jabs (little hard
to identify a specific factor when several can result in the same tissue
response) and no wonder the 72 hour time limit to monitor vaccine reaction
if most of them don't occur until 7-10 days. The propaganda wheel of
public health really had some futuristic thinking to enable them to make
most events likely attributable to a vaccine dissapear after the 72 hours
and are coincidental.

More on Human Immune Complex Disease by Reik..."most common is mild
meningoencephalitis: headache, nausea, and vomiting are common at
onset...and mild encephalopathy is almost always present...pathologically,
arterioles, venules, and capillaries in the brain spinal cord, and
meninges are congested and hyalinized: their endothelium is swollen, and
there is perivascular edema, demyelination, hemorrhage, and round cell
infiltration plus areas of focal necrosis in both brain and spinal cord."-
-Did he say swelling, nausea, vomiting? That sounds familiar.

Isn't it odd how shaken baby cases are very frequently found near
vaccination schedule times. Usually within weeks, days, or hours?

And they call it Shaken Baby Syndrome, which requires violent head
snapping off force equivalent to multi-story falls and high speed car
crashes. And it and the triad are pathognomonic?

Or in other instances, people are just diagnosing Autism with more

Doesn't seem like we've come very far in 25 years, does it?

I think I need a cocktail now...Thanks for listening.

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18 February 2005
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