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Pressure mounts for inquiry into MMR furore

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 26 February 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:483

Re: How can vaccines cause damage?

I would like to add to Alan Challoner's response on a human level
regarding, "How can vaccines cause damage?".
Our son was born normal on January 17, 1985 and regressed gradually into
autism after receiving the measles-
mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine on April 28, 1986. Since 2002 to the
present, our son, Eric, has had aggressive
tantrums including biting, kicking, pulling hair, scratching, choking
and head-butting. Eric is over 6 feet tall and over
200 pounds and when he would have a tantrum at home, my wife, my 15 year
old daughter and I would have to lock
ourselves in our room. Since 2002 we had to call the Parsippany police
many times and have Eric taken to St. Clare's
Hospital emergency room. Eric has been suspended several times from the
special school for autism because of his
behaviors. On December 10, 2002, Congressman Dan Burton read my letter
to the people at the Government Reform
hearing mentioning the fact that Eric was kicking down doors and that
we were living in hell and under seige because
of Eric's behaviors. Congressman Dan Burton mentioned his grandson who
has autism and said that when he gets to be
Eric's age, he is expected to be 6'10". He said to the participants at
the hearing that imagine what it would be like when
there are other young adults like Eric and his grandson having these
behaviors and being so strong.

Eric was suspended from school on Monday, February 23, 2004 because
his behaviors on the prior Friday. I took Eric
with me to the supermarket in the morning and Eric pulled my hair and
kicked me. I had to call the police and Eric was
taken to St. Clare's Hospital emergency room where he was transferred to
the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit. On Friday,
March 5, 2004, we were told that if Eric wasn't taken home or
transferred to Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital by Sunday,
March 7, 2004 we would be sued by the lawyers for St. Clare's Hospital.
This was despite the fact that we had private health
insurance and Medicaid. He was transferred to Greystone on March 7, 2004
and we are awaiting word on when Eric can be treated at the Kennedy
Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland for a long-term inpatient stay.
We have been waiting since July
2003 to get Eric into Kennedy Krieger Institute but they only have 16
beds and treat only 40 children/young adults with autism
a year. They rehabilitate these children/young adults who have autism
and behavior problems.

On the front page of the Sunday edition, February 22, 2004 of the
Orlando Sentinel was an article titled, "Living with Disabilities.
Nearly 14,000 disabled Floridians need help with daily living, but a
strained state program can't keep up. Many are
...........DESPERATE". Also, there was an additional related article
titled, "Family struggles alone to deal with autistic son." by
Debbie Salamone. It told the following about the family of David and
Beth Schaefer that included their 16 year old daughter, Emily and their
11 year old son with autism, Dillon:

"The loud squeak of a chair echoes through the house as Dillon rocks
wildly back and forth. He leaps up and runs from his bedroom to the
kitchen, where his screams echo through the house. He turns the lights
on, off, on, off. He runs to the bathroom and flushes the toilet once,
again and again. He races into the living room, slams himself into the
windows and throws himself on the couch. He rushes toward his older sister

and pinches her. Then he targets his mother. She tries to restrain him,
but Dillon is almost her size. In an instant, he slams his head into her
Tiny drops of blood slowly ooze from her swelling lip.
This is actually a good morning."

I talked to a New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities (NJ

DDD) representative and they said over 50% of their placement cases are
for young children with autism. Like Florida and other states in the
United States, New Jersey has problems getting funding for group homes
and residential centers for children and adults with autism. NJ DDD in
fact told us in July 2003 that Eric could only be placed in a residential
center in
Pennsylvania which was 2 1/2 hours from our home and that
many placements were being done outside New Jersey in states as far away
as Texas. In the prior February 22, 2004 response by Dr. F. Edward Yazbak
response and my response titled, "Research is needed, not propaganda",
a strong point is made regarding research and the numbers. (1)
The United States, United Kingdom as well as other countries
will be facing a big problem with financial costs involving the autism
epidemic that will involve millions if not billions of dollars/pounds.
The human cost can not be calculated and will be an international
tragedy that is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. The longer our
governments wait, the bigger the disaster.


1. BMJ Rapid Responses
"Research is needed, not propaganda"

Competing interests:
Founder of The Autism Autoimmunity Project and father to Eric, who has
regressive autism and tested
positive for myelin basic protein antibodies, has elevated measles
antibody titers, T-cell abnormalities and

Competing interests: No competing interests

11 March 2004
Raymond Gallup
Founder of The Autism Autoimmunity Project
45 Iroquois Avenue, Lake Hiawatha, NJ USA