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The evidence base for shaken baby syndrome

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 25 March 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:719

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Re: Errors in the diagnosis of child abuse


In the thirty or so well documented cases of alleged child abuse sent
to me for my opinion there are several in which the diagnosis of ‘shaken
baby syndrome’ was made within 3 weeks of the infant being immunized.

Professor Clemetson suggests that high levels blood Histamine are
found in subjects with low Vitamin C levels and Histaminaemia may follow
“the injection of foreign proteins or vaccines” thereby adding to Vitamin
C depletion if it already exists.

Barlow’s disease, or Infantile Scurvy, is the result of reduced
levels of Vitamin C in the blood and, with regard to this, Professor
Clemetson’s findings, and my (unpublished) reports confirm the views of Dr

Dr Kalokerinos, working with Aborigine communities in Australia, was
the first to point out, in his book ‘Every Second Child’, the devastating
effect of vaccines in poorly nourished children. Needless to say the
Establishment was sceptical but he proved his point by halving the Infant
mortality simply by premedicating the infants with Vitamin C. No longer
did “every second child ” succumb to vaccination.

Professor Clemetson has made the same suggestion and it is time for
those responsible for the health of children to embrace this preventive

The presence of “broken bones” fanciful “cigarette burns”, Subdural
and Retinal haemorrhages hitherto stated to be evidence of “Shaken Baby
Syndrome” should, in this century be rightly called the “Kalokerinos-
Clemetson Syndrome” after the two authors who identified the association
with vaccines.

Child Protection Services especially need to take note, as should
Judges and Juries, and enquire the dates of vaccination before condemning
an innocent parent.

If the Royal Colleges object let them produce a single case of
“Shaken Baby Syndrome” not immunized in the previous 3 weeks and in whom
malnutrition was excluded.

The Kalokerinos-Clemetson Syndrome is here to stay.

Michael D Innis FRCPA; FRCPath


1) Kalokerinos A. Every Second Child: Thomas Nelson Australia Ltd,
1974. Also in Pivot Health Books. Every Second Child:Keats Publishing,
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2) Clemetson, CAB. Is it “shaken baby”, or Barlow’s disease variant?
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10 December 2004
Michael D Innis
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