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Study shows no link between MMR vaccination and autism

BMJ 2004; 329 doi: (Published 16 September 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;329:642

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Re: Criticisms confounding Smeeth et al


In addition to my response Re. Criticisms confounding Smeeth et al
appearing on this site (and receiving no response from author Sarah Mayor
advising us of Smeeth et al or directly from Smeeth et al) I was informed
by another responder that, concerned there had been no response from
Smeeth et al to my questions, he had forwarded my response to Professor
Smeeth for comment some weeks ago.

To date there has been no response at all.

I find this rather disconcerting - either I am incorrect in my
criticism or correct; only Smeeth et al have all data and information of
methodlogy and procedures involved in the study and, as the study has such
an impact on children globally let alone our own British children, one
expects a team with integrity to make a response to alleviate concerns.

The most glaring concern for me was that Smeeth et al appears to have
treatd the main control group differently from the case subject group - I
suggest that this would destroy the validity of a 'case-controlled' study.

Perhaps other experts in the field could answer this important
question, Smeeth et al do not seem willing?


John H.

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09 November 2004
John P Heptonstall
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