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Pressure mounts for inquiry into MMR furore

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 26 February 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:483

Pressure Mount on the Medical Establishment

Let's clear the fogs created by the medical establishment and drug
companies and see really what the issue is all about: BIG MONEY

1)Parents complaining about vaccines and especially parents of
autistic kids like me have the ultimate proof that we, unfortunately,
believed in the medical system since we vaccinated our kids. We will
regret for our whole life that we did not ask questions and that we
trusted a still in the Stone Age medical establishment. Thus, we are not
nuts or over-reacting, we have been hurt immensely.

2)I have three friends who are M.D.’s. Upon heated discussion, I
found out that none of them followed the vaccination schedule mandated by
the Center of Disease Control or by the American Pediatric Society. They
dismissed Hep B at birth for their kids and they never allowed their kids
pediatrician to put more than one vaccine at a time. Unlike me, they did
not allow the pediatrician to vaccinate when the baby was sick (fever,
diarrhea, or under antibiotics). Unlike me, they delayed most of the
vaccines until the kid immune system was mature enough. Thus, whoever
wants to discuss vaccine safety will have to show first his own kid’s
vaccination record.

3)The tobacco liability was in the $250 billions. This was for a
leisure product that was not mandated by the government and mostly hurting
people old enough to know what they were doing. Vaccines are totally
different. The government mandates them. They are put in kids who are not
aware of the danger and side effects. We all know that the liability for
vaccines is in the trillion dollars and that all what it is about.

4)Drug companies spent more than any other industry on lobbying -
$256 million in the US in 1999-2000. They had 625 Washington lobbyists at
a cost $92.3 millions. They are making sure that no research shows that
mercury and MMR and over-vaccination had an effect on Autism until there
is a law protecting them from any liability. They almost passed the first
one with a Homeland Security Bill. They are working on another right now.

5)Two years ago, when I started noticing something wrong with my kid,
my wife and I went through 4 specialists and a battery of tests in what is
called the world-class medical center in Houston. Except for the
genetician who did not find anything abnormal after examination of our kid
and analysis of the test results, all the other ones (gastroenterologist,
developmental pediatrician and neurologist) knew without any doubt the
cause of our son disease: GENETICS "What a wonderful word". They did not
know why my son’s mercury was very high (43 mcg/l) but according to them
it did not have anything to do with autism. They never read all the
scientific articles that I showed them because they read only trade
journals published by their respective association. According to them,
they keep up to date with science because twice or 3 times a week they
attend a free lunch seminar sponsored by a drug company about different
SCIENTIFIC subjects.

6)I have read a lot of articles on Autism for the past 2 years. The
epidemiological studies are all flawed toward the author belief and goals.
Take any good statistician and he can prove that readers of BMJ are all
women or men depending on what you want him to prove. Choosing the right
representative sample is all what it takes.

7)Let's read real science before talking science.

Saadedine Tebbal, Ph.D.

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Kid with Autism

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13 March 2004
Saadedine Tebbal
Texas, 77477