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Predictors for the development of microalbuminuria and macroalbuminuria in patients with type 1 diabetes: inception cohort study

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 06 May 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:1105

Post-Streptococcal-Glomerulo-Nephritis and Diabetes

Dear Sir,

31 patients, more than 11 % of the sample (n = 277) died.



In my patients, streptococci are the common pathogens.
Diabetic nephropathy is in my view a special form to react against
streptococci. Penicillin should be tested in sudden down-hill courses of
hypertension or edema!

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Friedrich Flachsbart

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07 May 2004
Friedrich Flachsbart
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