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Nigeria postpones programme of polio immunisation

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 27 May 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:1278

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Oral polio vaccination and infertility: wider implications!


I have read all the three news items including Pfizer scandal in
Nigeria and felt extremely disgusted about the trial of travafloxacin in
Nigerian children with meningitis, many of whom died or developed
permanent brain damage, mental and physical disabilities. Their grieved
parents have fundamental rights to take their case to US courts of justice
when their genuine demands were unheard by the local Nigerian courts. What
a pathetic and slumbering judiciary in Nigeria.

I suppose very strongly that Nigerian Sharia fundamentalists may be
correctly perceiving the dangers of contaminating oral polio vaccines with
HCG hormone to be given to Nigerian children who will develop antibodies
to HCG and results in infertility that would be obvious once they grow and
get married. Infertility has a devastating psychological, social and
economic effect on the couple without children.

Finally, if this declassified US information is correct as projected
by a qualified Nigerian doctor, such nonsensical US hidden policy (ies) of
highest discrimination against and selective destruction of one race
implying Muslim must not be tolerated and must be condemned vehemently by
international medical and nonmedical communities. Moreover, carrying out
of such policies practically by WHO is of further greater concern to all
of us, because today muslims and tomorrow may be Hindus, Buddhists and
others will be targeted, that how USA is manipulating this highest health
body for destroying the whole race or races.


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Abiodun Raufu. Nigeria postpones programme of polio immunisation. BMJ
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05 June 2004
Dr. Naseem A. Qureshi, MD, IMAPA, LMIPS
Medical Director [A], Director, CME&R
Postcode 2292, Buraidah Mental Health Hospital, Saudi Arabia