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The marketing of a disease: female sexual dysfunction

BMJ 2005; 330 doi: (Published 20 January 2005) Cite this as: BMJ 2005;330:192

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Natural hormone balance for women

I encourage all women to reject the myths and artifically created
problems around our natural cycles of life in order to sell drugs. Our
life cycles are not a disease. I have never used HRT.

In reference to your article, I am not saying that female sexual
dysfunction does not exist, but to create an advertising campaign to
create huge problem for which a new drug will supposedly solve the problem
to me is unethical when there are natural solutions to support women
through our life cycle.

In my opinion, the difficulties surrounding perimenopause, menopause,
and post menopause are caused by our lifestyle--stress, toxins, processed
and fake foods, pseudoestrogens which block our hormone receptor sites and

I encourage women to look carefully at what you are putting into and
on your body, and demand alternative natural solutions to your
problems.They do exist. You just need to want to find them.

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22 January 2005
Joyce D Friesen
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