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Pathologist in Sally Clark murder case is charged with withholding vital evidence

BMJ 2005; 330 doi: (Published 27 January 2005) Cite this as: BMJ 2005;330:216

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A Fatal Misdiagnosis


Regarding the current proceeding in the General Medical Council
concerning Dr Williams’ evidence into the death of Harry Clark the Jury
was entitled to be presented with FACTS, not ARTIFACTS. Most
Pathologists would agree with the Consultant Microbiologist who said, “"In
the absence of any localised inflammatory response and in the absence of
any suggestion of immune deficiency, I think it is unlikely that this
organism (S aureus) contributed to the death of the child. It is somewhat
unusual to find a contaminating organism so widely spread, and it may be
that there was a transient or terminal bacteraemia."

I for one, like Dr Williams, would not have reported such a finding
as it is clearly a postmortem artifact. The GMC, by using it to prosecute
Dr Williams, is avoiding the real issue which is the role of vaccines in
the death of the child.

What the Jury was not told is Harry was administered several vaccines
a few hours before he died [1]. Although it has been pointed out [2,3,4] that
some children suffer disability and death from mandatory vaccination the
Medical Profession and the Government continue to ignore the evidence –
and persist with the fabrication that all is well with their vaccination

Stimulation of the immune system by vaccines causes the liberation
of Histamine. Vitamin C is required to neutralize the toxic effect of
Histamine and thus an Acute Vitamin C deficiency is induced.[5]

As Dr Kalokerinos and Professor Clemetson have shown [2,3] vaccines
can induce Vitamin C deficiency with a subsequent generalized bleeding
tendency. In my opinion it was the vaccines that killed Harry. And what is
more I have other reports of similar happenings which some Journals have
declined to publish. Too close to the bone?

John Stone says, “I can only conclude that the responsibility for a
parent of having your child vaccinated is far too great. If anything does
go wrong the medical profession and the Government will not want to know
about it, and that is not a rational basis on which to proceed.”

How right he is. And how blind the Medical Profession, the GMC, the
Royal Collages and the Government.

Michael D Innis MBBS; DTM&H; FRCPA; FRCPath.


1. Personal Paper by C Frank Lockyer, Sally Clark’s Father dated 23rd January 2002,

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04 February 2005
Michael D Innis
Director Medisets International
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