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Increase in autism is due to changes in diagnosis, study claims

BMJ 2004; 328 doi: (Published 12 February 2004) Cite this as: BMJ 2004;328:364

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Autism any increase is likely due to harvesting of babies

Autism may have a common cause. Questionnaires should be given to the parents of the afflicted children. This should be for all internal organ or internal injuries, not just autism. Other disorders increased are holes in the heart, lung problems, eating and sleeping disorders, and many of the learning or behavior disorders, and diabetic conditions in the children, even MS is now indicated in children at 13 months of age.

What is happening to infants is that they are likely being harvested at birth, for stem cells and hormones, and so forth. This is indicated by the policies of directions by the experts, the Colleges and Societies of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who have directed all babies be immediately umbilical cord clamped. Why? What is the motive, if not for harvesting? For Example, the Policy #216 of ACOG, and Policy #71 December 1998 and Policy #89 May 2000 of SOGC. These experts have allowed the endangering of the child by their medical associations and the hospital's labs to harvest the placenta of up to 50 percent total blood volume. This weakens all babies so victimized.

The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons who were given the trust to protect the public's best interest have not dealt with the trends of immediate and early cord clamping? Why not? It can be billions of dollars in profits to corporations involved in the medical services. But think of the individual suffering to the children harvested, at birth by false medical malpractices and policies. Think of the lost talent and hope of genius abilities, or the ease of learning compounded with extreme difficulties of impaired children. Think of the class actions, once the population is more informed. Think of possible criminal actions to those most accountable and responsible to protecting all equally and with security of person as to charter of rights, human rights and most Nation's criminal codes.

The evidence of fact is the draining out of the placenta, often done while yet warm in the birth canal. Consider the total production of blood of a 9 pound infant, it created a total amount of 10 ounces of blood (300 ml). But by immediate cord clamping, 50 percent of the infant's blood is trapped within the placenta, then harvested. This is done but not necessarily with informed parental guardianship consent.

What loving parent would knowingly weaken their love-child by lowering the child's immunity system and blood volume and pressure. This can stop the ductus arteriosus and the foramen ovale from closing and sealing, and that would bring about increases of holes in the heart.

What parent would hinder the circulation system of oxygenated blood to the brain which is the least organ/muscle that can tolerate oxygen and blood deprivation for even a second? And, any revived child will be a compromised and/or impaired child to the degree of anemic condition and oxygen deprivation?

What loving parent would knowingly give their baby's blood to another and allow their baby to be anemic for up to 9 months to re-make the blood deprived by early umbilical cord clamping. Think about it. It took the 9-pound baby 9 months to create 10 ounces of blood and the method of hasty clamping deprived the child up to one half, and in some reports, it is 60 percent of total blood volume.

Whether the increase of autism is a fact, any sickness in any child that can be prevented by proper training and education of the medical nurses, midwives, and doctors and surgeons ought to be the first priority and put into practice.

To do that we must first correct the false teachings in most biology textbooks. The authors are directing or upholding immediate cord clamping on the human baby. The authors allege "most" doctors are involved in immediate cord clamping. Why is that, unless the motive is harvesting the placenta blood for stem cells and hormones and other components of the human blood, worth billions of dollars, collectively, by banking such components.

Would we do that to any dumb animal? If not, then do not show disrespect to the human baby and start educating the parents that no clamping of the umbilical cord need be done at all, unless the cord tore or for placenta previa.

Once the parents are educated they can contract for no harm done to their babies. This is by putting in a signed contract with the birth person(s) what cannot be done to the mother during the child's birth and to the child. Only the mother can change the birth contract. It may be as simple as that of informed choices for natural birth education and practice. I go for hand's off birth in a rented hospital room, and to be sure of no interference, take along a door stop. Invite the meds in only if necessary, or as a guest to observe natural birth in action.

The facts are, prior to about 1914, the pioneer mothers who birthed naturally in their own homes, no drugs, and choice of warm water births, and position of their choice, simply put the still-attached placenta in a diaper and left it alone.

In two days time, the placenta and the cord are off the baby, naturally. No cord infections. No hernias. The baby has all immunities, all vitamins, minerals and hormones, and all blood supply and oxygen. The baby is a blue ribbon baby.

No wonder the Queen Mother lived to 101 if she had such care of natural birth. No wonder my own parents, yet live, at age 90, and celebrate 65 years of marriage, taking the distressing of their times with a grain of salt.

It is much better to have a natural birth and the cord off in two days time rather then fret and worry of possible cord infections of a "cut cord" that will take between 5 days and 15 days to heal.

If we did an honest review these practices they are all likely connected to autism, and other internal damages to babies, but many latent in discovery: drugs during labor and during the delivery of the child. Oxytocin and Demerol (morphine) are the most commonly used drugs in most deliveries of "active management." There are no safe dosage of drugs because of allergic reactions. All drugs cross the placenta.

Then comes harmful birth positions that close the birth canal up to 30 percent, these are flat on the back and semi sitting birth positions. They lead to cutting of the mother's body, leading to blood infections to herself and her baby.

Then comes the use of forceps and pulling on the baby from the birth canal, head injuries can be caused and spinal injuries. Then comes immediate and 30-second clamping. This deprives the volume and pressure of the oxygenated blood. Then comes injections of needles into the child's skin and vaccinations. All risk of some contamination into the blood system. These are done while the baby is anemic by early cord clamping.

So if we stop these unnecessary procedures, called 'active management" and return to natural birth education and practice, perhaps, we will see health costs go down, specialized education costs to go down, and healthy blue ribbon babies. Why not try Natural Birth Education and Practice?

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13 February 2004
Donna Young
Natural Birth Education