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BMJ 2003; 327 doi: (Published 18 December 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;327:1465

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Alice hypothesis= alternating type IIA and IIB string theories?

Professor Leonard Finegold suggested that, "to posit “beyond the
superstring theories”... [was] go out on a limb". It may indeed be
unnecesary to go any further than string theory.

There are said to be five string theories which have common features.
Hence the term M-theory, M standing for mother, magic, matrix of anything
alse that might take a theoretical physicist's fancy. Holographic theory
is a refinement that incorporates Hawking's very important observation
that the information lost as radiation from a black hole is a function of
the surface area of its event horizon.

According to Brian Greene, the string theorist from Columbia, the
mathematical embodiments of type IIA and type IIB strng theories are
equally successful and differ only in their expressions of geometry. The
type IIA geometry is a circular surface area, possibly as large as 10 to
the 66 sq cm, currently calculated to be 10 to the 61 Planck lengths or
15 billion light years wide. That is the width of the entire universe. The
type IIB geometry is a "snippet" or isolted segment of string with a
surface area, possibly as small as 10 to the minus 66 sq cm, currently
calculated to be 10 to the minus 61 Planck lengths wide.

Put in another way type IIA surface area is proportional and type
IIB inversely proportional or the reciprocal of the radius of the
original. The radius in type IIA is also proportional to its energies,
which are also large, and in type IIB inversely proportional and,
therefore, extremely small ie. of the order of the size of the smallest of
particles. In other words type IIA string theory appears to be the
mathematical formulation of the bosonic phase of existence in the Alice
hypothesis and type IIB to the fermionic phase of existence. In which case
the Alice hypothesis may resolve what is said to be the greatest unsolved
problem in string theory, background-independent formulation. This
conclusion is also consistent with the Calabi-Yau geometries in which one
is the mirror image or dual of the original and has a different number of
holes in it. These geometries appear to me to explain what we can see and

String theory evolved from particle physics and has sought to
incorporate gravity, as gravitrons, in attempting to reconcile quantum
theory with Einstein's theory of general relativity. Loop quantum gravity,
the competing hypothesis, has evolved from general relativity and from an
attempt to reconcile it with quantum theory. In so doing it has retained
Einstein's curved spacetime as its geometry. Hence spacetime being
illustrated as a twisted pretzel in Hawking's, "the universe in a
nutshell" and Einstein-Rosen bridges and wormholes short-circuiting
pretzel loops to provide a theoretical basis for time travel.

I believe Steven Hawking and George Ellis initiated this approach,
one which has since been REFINED by Lee Smolin. There does not appear to
be a mathematical formation that has been developed along these lines that
can account for the alternating bosonic and fermionic phases of existence
proposed in the Alice hypothesis.

I am lead to conclude, from my readings of the popular science
literature, that the theory of everything (TOE) will evolved from types
IIA and IIB string theories. I am further lead to conclude that spacetime
is not curved and that the bending of light, first observed by Sir Arthur
Eddington, might be an illusion caused by the effects of gravity on
fermionic expressions of light waves as they pass through a gravitonal
field in which there are frozen particles capable of stopping the photons,
as has been demonsrated experimentally, and changing the direction of
their passage which resumes at its original velocity.

Hawking's fanciful illustrations of the shape of spacetime may ,
therefore, be interpreted as a reduction ad absurdum and evidence
supporting the validity of string theories IIA and IIB and of the Alice
hypothesis. In which case the predictions made in terms of the Alice
hypothesis, incuding those concerning consciousness, need to be taken

Brain Greene. The elegant universe.


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10 March 2004
Richard G Fiddian-Green