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UK patients group hits back at anti-vivisectionists

BMJ 2002; 324 doi: (Published 23 February 2002) Cite this as: BMJ 2002;324:444

We must stand up to bullies

In this post 9-11 time, when the world increasingly recognizes that
it cannot tolerate bullies and thugs forcing their opinions on others
through brute force and harassment, it is encouraging to see hints of
principle as groups increasingly stand up to the anti-vivisectionist
threat. SIMR's brochure is an eye-opening expose on the lies,
distortions, and misinformation that is perpetuated by this single issue
group to capture the hearts and support of gullible, rationale folks and,
and with the other hand, they use Mafia tactics to blackmail their way to
media prominence.

There is no question that the vast majority of us recognize the life
saving work that is possible thanks to medical research, work that is done
to highly regulated standards of animal welfare in the UK and US. We all
hope for a perfect world where animals need not be so central to these
medical advances, but equally must hope for that world to also incorporate
the elimination of disease, unnecessary suffering, and untimely death from
diseases that this research has and continues to make great strides to
overcome. We must not forget that we don't have the luxury of hoping for
the former whilst ignoring the latter!

Many thanks to SIMR and BMJ for helping to get this important message
out. It's now up to the rest of us whether we will take a stand against
allowing these thugs to hijack medical progress to their misguided
characterizations of animals in medical research.

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11 May 2002
James Selib