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Severe acute respiratory syndrome revisited

BMJ 2003; 326 doi: (Published 19 April 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;326:831

sever acute respiratory syndrome in south asia

i am happy to say that still pakistan is free from this deadly
syndrome that has played havoc in china and now the hong kong is on top in
deaths with today morning news
that the authorities in hong kong have found a cluster of 321 new cases in
amoy garden estate(1). But it is very much unsatisfactory now when one
confirmed case has been found in Goa,an indian state(2). Pakistan has a
long border with india and also bad relations as well and the china is on
other side .Pakistan is sandwiched between these two big states. Its a
strong possiblity taht SARS may spread to pakistan or send to pakistan for
any other means in the face of bab relations. In the background of great
congestion of cities in most south asian cities once SARS established in
this region it will become very much difficult to control.Still the
organism is in dispute and no satisfactory treatment is available and
investigative tools are only available at a few palces in the country.
secondly its a great possiblity that it would have been a mixed infection
. My hypothesis is that the infection with HMPV might have occured first
that under the favourable envirmental facotrs activated rather facilitated
virulence of another organism named now "SARS VIRUS" by WHO. And this
virus then spread in the world so its great possibilty that it was a mixed
infection to start with but with the passage of time the HMPV subsided or
unable to grow in some specific undetermined envoirnmental conditions
while SRAS adapted all advers envoirnmental conditions due to continous
mutations. Now lets wait with patience that up to what conculsion we be
able to reach at the end.

1.Unanswered questation:a critical point in the evoulaion of SARS
update 34(who.INT)

2.Severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS)-multi-country outbreak
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20 April 2003
muhammad fayyaz
medical student
46000 pakistan
army medical college rawalpindi