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Western medicine: a confidence trick driven by the drug industry?

BMJ 2002; 325 doi: (Published 03 August 2002) Cite this as: BMJ 2002;325:h

Pills for Ills fill the pharmacies tills

Congratulations ! And now that the Pharmaceutical Industry is
targetting patients, the demand is such that my patients now have to
maintain a chart for the ten pils taken daily

1 ACE - small dose for prophylaxis

2 B blocker - for chest pain

3 PPI - for chest pain also because of GORD

4 Oestrogen - to "reduce fractures"

5 Baby Aspirin - to "thin the blood" (counter the oestrogen)

6 Statin - to prevent Alzheimer's

7 Vitamin C - to "ward off colds"

8 glitazone - to prevent diabetes

9 Antidepressant - in morning for MSD

10 Viagra - in night for MSD

A large dose of Enos in the night to counteract the daily gastric

Only slightly exaggerated!!

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05 August 2002
Bernard C Boyd
Associate Lecturer, Family Practice
University of The West Indies, Trinidad