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Western medicine: a confidence trick driven by the drug industry?

BMJ 2002; 325 doi: (Published 03 August 2002) Cite this as: BMJ 2002;325:h

Feel Their Power

The pharmaceutical industry 'is western medicine' today. It's a
parasite which insidiously crept onto the back of the NHS at its
conception and has flourished on free beds, endless subjects and
enthusiastically misguided doctors ever since.

Like one of our nastiest incurable diseases it's become inherent in
our health care and has stifled all other avenues to wellness. It grows in
strength by the power of those with healthy share accounts, and also with
politicians, doctors and researchers who need its promises of glory.

I speak for all those sick people who have had their life changing
operations needlessly delayed because of the existence of their poisons,
those who have had their lives ruined by side effects of poor promises,
and those who will never see a cure for their illness because treatments
are so profitable.

I am reminded of this parasite every day when I take thyroxin
tablets. The pure greed gone into an over priced product, unmarked with
the days of the week yet plastered in the makers name, synthesised yet
unrehearsed for efficiency over what already existed, too small for
elderly hands and throats, and undistinguishable in strengths. Such is the
true caring for people behind this industry's motive, that those whose
lives are dependent on their wares are contemptible to them.

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05 August 2002
Carol A Teasdale