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Clinical Review

Diagnosis, investigation, and management of deep vein thrombosis

BMJ 2003; 326 doi: (Published 29 May 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;326:1180

DVT: Information for patients

Tovey and Wyatt have provided a useful clinical review of the topic
of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

As has been mentioned by earlier responders, the review did not cover
the preventive aspects of the condition. In addition, there is no mention
of the issue of travel related DVT in the article.

It is therefore somewhat surprising that they should include, under
the heading ‘Information for patients’, a single reference to a
campaigning group, VARDA, and their website at www.aviation-

In their report on ‘Air Travel and Health’, the House of Lords
Science & Technology Committee emphasised the importance of journalism
and the need for accurate information which does not cause unnecessary
concern (Reference 1). A journal of the repute of the BMJ has a
particular duty to ensure that the public are provided with reputable and
reliable sources of information. Examples of alternative sources of
information are suggested: - Dept for Health advice on
travel-related DVT
- NHS Direct information on prevention of DVT - Scottish
Intercollegiate Guidelines Network press release on prevention and
management of DVT - WHO publication on
international travel and health, Chapter 2 on ‘Travel by Air’

Bagshaw M. Traveller's thrombosis: a review of deep vein thrombosis
associated with travel. Aviation Space & Environmental Medicine 2001;
72(9):848-51. - information
on health aspects of air travel, covering planning, during and after


1. House of Lords
Science & Technology Cttee report on ‘Air Travel and Health’

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12 June 2003
Nigel P Dowdall
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