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Chocolate cigarettes “recruit” children to smoking

BMJ 2003; 326 doi: (Published 08 February 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;326:302

Chocolate Cigarettes gives a taste for Chocolate only

It's not new at all! confectionery made to resemble everything that
can be smoked as been sold for ages in France. There is the tobacco, the
pipe and the chocolate ciggies tasting of vanilla, all sold with the
obligatory plastic lighter. I loved them while young (40 odd years ago)
and have never smoked. However, I still love chocolate. There was
something in the mimicking of someone who smoke and imitation of adults or
older children was part of the play value of those sweeties. The whole
thing goes away when children no longer play "mummies and daddies".

They don't make Gauloise flavoured chocolate ciggies in France and
honestly, I don't think playing with confectionery has (or will) ever lead
to smoking .

The only obvious answer is that it may lead to more than average damaged
teeth due to the sugar content.

If the UK has been protected so far, why are so many men still dying of
lung cancer???

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11 February 2003
Elizabeth MJ MICHEL
Technical Editor