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PIGPEN therapy for head lice

BMJ 2003; 326 doi: (Published 19 June 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;326:1405

From Beano to Cosmo

Dear Trisha,

I enjoyed your article about headlice.

I note that your references include the Beano and thought you might
be interested to read this recent press release:

“ Following the appointment of a new Editor, the Beano has decided it
needs to bridge the gap between its regular readers and a more general

A crucial first step was the establishment of the Bash Street web
site and rapid response page.

This has led to extensive well informed debate from a wide range of
people. We particularly welcome the weekly messages we get telling Lord
Snooty that he is rather snooty and describing Dennis the Menace as,
frankly, a bit of a menace.

The next step was to publish an article sponsored by the British
Association of Chewing Gum Manufacturers proving beyond doubt that sitting
in the same room as someone who is chewing gum does not rot the teeth.

After setting up an American issue ( subtitled ‘West Coast, East
Coast it’s all the same to me’ ) the Editor unveiled his piece de
resistance: a Parent’s version of the Beano.

Distributed at great cost to every home in the land it had a wide
range of articles many of them written by people who knew what they are
talking about.

Without a hint of earnestness, it told Beano readers what parents
want from them, encouraged them to appreciate that parents are experts in
their own fields and gave lots of useful advice on how Beano readers can
generally behave better.

It also had a round table discussion on the qualities parents expect
from Beano readers. It was agreed that sitting quietly when the news is on
and going to bed when asked are essential skills, whilst compassion for
one’s fellow human beings, infinite patience and legible handwriting are
all desirable.

However, like all children, Beano readers can recognise humbug when
they see it and, since it was a sunny day, most of them just went out and
got on with their lives ”.

John Hopkins

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22 June 2003
John Hopkins
Stockton TS17 6EY