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What is the future for training overseas graduates?

BMJ 2000; 321 doi: (Published 29 July 2000) Cite this as: BMJ 2000;321:307

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Why think of future when there is no present?

It was interesting to read the article by Dr. Magalam Sridhar in the
personal view section. It very aptly explored the future of training
overseas candidates.
Overseas candidates are facing a no win situation today.

The solutions suggested are appropriate for the future. But, what
does the GMC/Immigration office have to offer candidates who are already
in this country? I know candidates who have passed PLAB examination and
also obtained Membership/ Fellowship of the Royal College and are now
forced to leave the country as the Immigration office is not ready to
grant them permission to stay. In these days of tough competition, how can
a candidate be expected to obtain a training post if he/ she is not
allowed to stay long enough to obtain a post? Honorary post helps to
assess the suitability of a candidate for a training post. This in my
opinion is similar to the ODTS/DES schemes. I do not see a reason for not
granting visa for LAS posts either, as these posts do not differ in any
way from the training posts. They have been labelled as service posts for
the mere reason that the system has difficulties providing NTN/VTN
numbers. I have been in both service and training posts. There does not
seem to be much difference in either of them. In the present day
situation, the least affected are those with a spouse visa.

I am well aware that the GMC and the Immigration office are two
different bodies. But they have to realise that the overseas candidates
are here for obtaining medical experience of a developed country like the
UK. A GMC without visa to stay here is of no use to them. If a candidate
has shown enough ability to obtain GMC registration, he/she should be
allowed to stay here long enough to obtain a training post. In the mean
time, if they need to work as a locum to support themselves, the
Immigration office should consider them.

Dr. Usha Kiran MRCOG

Specialist registrar

Caerphilly District Miner’s Hospital

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09 August 2000
Usha Kiran
specialist registrar
Caerphilly District Miner's Hospital