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The UK accelerated immunisation programme and sudden unexpected death in infancy: case-control study

BMJ 2001; 322 doi: (Published 07 April 2001) Cite this as: BMJ 2001;322:822

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A Well Documented cause of SID

V. Scheibner, PhD showed conclusive proof of the link between DPT and SID in Australia. Upon publication of the news, a (approximate) fifty per cent reduction in the participation in the voluntary immunization was accompanied by an accompanying (approx)fifty per cent drop in SIDs.
When the Japanese stopped vaccinating during the first two years of life they immediately attained the best infant survival rate in the world.
Anyone doubting that an injection of foreign protein into a newborn will not kill a measurable percentage of them is in a state of denial and out of touch with common sense.

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07 April 2001
Daniel H Duffy
family doctor
Geneva, Ohio, USA