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Glycaemic control in diabetes

BMJ 1999; 319 doi: (Published 10 July 1999) Cite this as: BMJ 1999;319:104

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Unfortunate timing of glaecemic control in diabetes control review

Is it not unfortunate that Herman limited his review to articles
preceding the September 1998 publications of many of the UKPDS papers
concerning different levels of glycaemic and blood pressure control?

In addition, he does not reference or discuss the Veterans Affairs
Diabetes Feasibility Trial, which showed a trend towards greater risk of
cardiovascular events in the intensive glycemic treatment arm (mean HgbA1c
7.1%) than in the standard treatment arm (mean HgbA1c 9.2%), and the lower
attained HgbA1c level was an independent predictor of cardiovascular

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01 August 1999
Willia C Cushman
Chief, Preventive Medicine
Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center