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Do animals bite more during a full moon? Retrospective observational analysis

BMJ 2000; 321 doi: (Published 23 December 2000) Cite this as: BMJ 2000;321:1559

Re: Whose behavior is changed by the full moon?

The moon has influence on the 4 levels of life: mineral, vegetal,
animal and human.
On the mineral, we see the influence on the sea with the ups and downs
towards the position of the moon.
On the vegetal, it is know that, as the sun does, also the moon has
influence on growing.
For explaining the influence over the animal world, it has to be explained
that astrologically we have two types of energy : the energy of the sun
that is energy of giving, and the energy of the moon that has nothing to
give but that it receives from the giver. It is compared to the human
being in his two inclination : the egoism, and the altruism.
The first is an animal tendency , and the second a purely uman one. So
that the tendency of receiving is an animal one and is representated by
the moon astrologically. The conclusion is that when the moon is
increasing its influence over the earth, the animal tendencies are growing
as is the caracteristic that moon represents, so the animal life has more
vivification in these days.
Also humans are influenced by the moon , as we see in the women's
Jews have their calendar based on the moon. The Kabbalah explains that
there i a strong spiritual influence from the moon on human spiritual and
emotional behaviour, and the greeks when they conquered Judea 2500 years
ago they prohibited the jews to maintain the jewish calendar because they
were afraid that otherwise they won't subjugate them , as it happened.
Yehiel Linn

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27 December 2000
Yehiel Linn