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US scientists develop a possible test for BSE

BMJ 1999; 319 doi: (Published 13 November 1999) Cite this as: BMJ 1999;319:1312

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Re: vCJD in the USA * BSE in U.S.

In reading the recent article in the BMJ about the potential BSE
tests being developed in the U.S. and Bart Van Everbroeck reply. It does
not surprize me, that the U.S. has been concealing vCJD. There have been
people dying from CJD, with all the symptoms and pathological findings
that resemble U.K. vCJD for some time. It just seems that when there is
one found, they seem to change the clarical classification of the disease,
to fit their agenda. I have several autopsies, stating kuru type amyloid
plaques, one of the victims was 41 years of age. Also, my Mom died a most
hideous death, Heidenhain Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.
Her symptoms resemble that of all the U.K. vCJD victims. She would jerk so
bad at times, it would take 3 of us to hold her down, while she screamed
"God, what's wrong with me, why can't I stop this." 1st of symptoms to
death, 10 weeks, she went blind in the first few weeks. But, then they
told me that this was just another strain of sporadic CJD. They can call
it what ever they want, but I know what I saw, and what she went through.
Sporadic, simply means, they do not know.
My neighbors Mom also died from CJD. She had been taking a nutritional
supplement which contained the following;
vacuum dried bovine BRAIN, bone meal, bovine EYE, veal bone, bovine liver
powder, bovine adrenal, vacuum dried bovine kidney, and vacuum dried
porcine stomach. As I said, this woman taking these nutritional
supplements, died from CJD.
The particular batch of pills that was located, in which she was taking,
was tested. From what I have heard, they came up
negative, for the prion protein. But, in the same breath, they said their
testing, may not have been strong enough to pick up the infectivity. Plus,
she had been taking these type pills for years, so, could it have come
from another batch?

CWD is just a small piece of a very big puzzle. I have seen while
deer hunting, deer, squirrels and birds, eating from cattle feed troughs
where they feed cattle, the high protein cattle by products, at least up
until Aug. 4, 1997.
So why would it be so hard to believe that this is how they might become
infected with a TSE. Or, even by potentially infected land. It's been well
documented that it could be possible, from scrapie. Cats becoming infected
with a TSE. Have you ever read the ingredients on the labels of cat and
dog food? But, they do not put these tissues from these animals in
pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, hGH, hPG, blood
products, heart valves, and the many more products that come from bovine,
ovine, or porcine tissues and organs. So, as I said, this CWD would be a
small piece of a very big puzzle. But, it is here, and it most likely has
killed. You see, greed is what caused this catastrophe, rendering and
feeding practices. But, once Pandora's box was opened, the potential
routes of infection became endless.

No BSE in the U.S.A.? I would not be so sure of that considering that
since 1990;

Since 1990 the U.S. has raised 1,250,880,700 cattle;

Since 1990 the U.S. has ONLY checked 8,881 cattle brains for BSE, as
of Oct. 4, 1999;

There are apprx. 100,000 DOWNER cattle annually in the U.S., that up
until Aug. 4, 1997 went to the renders for feed;

Scrapie running rampant for years in the U.S., 950 infected FLOCKS,
as of Aug. 1999;

Our feeding and rendering practices have mirrored that of the U.K.
for years, some say it was worse. Everything from the downer cattle, to
those scrapie infected sheep, to any roadkill, including the city police
horse and the circus elephant went to the renders for feed and other
products for consumption. Then they only implemented a partial feed ban on
Aug. 4, 1997, but pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats, and humans were exempt
from that ban. So they can still feed pigs and chickens those potentially
TSE tainted by-products, and then they can still feed those by-products
back to the cows. I believe it was Dr. Joe Gibbs, that said, the prion
protein, can survive the digestinal track. So you have stopped nothing.
It was proven in Oprah Winfrey's trial, that Cactus Cattle feeders, sent
neurologically ill cattle, some with encephalopathy stamped on the dead
slips, were picked up and sent to the renders, along with sheep carcasses.
Speaking of autopsies, I have a stack of them, from CJD victims. You would
be surprised of the number of them, who ate cow brains, elk brains, deer
brains, or hog brains.

I believe all these TSE's are going to be related, and originally
caused by the same greedy Industries, and they will be many. Not just the
Renders, but you now see, that they are re-using medical devices that were
meant for disposal. Some medical institutions do not follow proper auto-
claving procedures (even Olympus has put out a medical warning on their
endescopes about CJD, and the fact you cannot properly clean these
instruments from TSE's), and this is just one product. Another route of

Regardless what the Federal Government in the U.S. says. It's here, I
have seen it, and the longer they keep sweeping it under the rug and
denying the fact that we have a serious problem, one that could surpass
aids (not now, but in the years to come, due to the incubation period),
they will be responsible for the continued spreading of this deadly

It's their move, it's CHECK, but once CHECKMATE has been called, how
many thousands or millions, will be at risk or infected or even dead. You
can't play around with these TSE's. I cannot stress that enough. They are
only looking at body bags, and the fact the count is so low. But, then you
have to look at the fact it is not a reportable disease in most states,
mis-diagnosis, no autopsies performed. The fact that their one-in-a-
million theory is a crude survey done about 5 years ago, that's a joke,
under the above circumstances. A bad joke indeed........

The truth will come, but how many more have to die such a hideous
death. It's the Government's call, and they need to make a serious move,
soon. This problem, potential epidemic, is not going away, by itself.

Terry S. Singeltary Sr.

P.O. Box 42,
Bacliff, Texas 77518 USA

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15 November 1999
Terry S Singeltary
medically retired