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Palm Resources

I find the Palm device a very useful resource for quick reference.
Speak to any US undergrad about Palm medical software and they'll be
beaming programs to your palm from their's in seconds. I use:

the five minute clinical consult - (Aprox £40.)

abg pro - (free)

epocrates QID/QRx - (free)

medical mnemonics - (free)

MedCalc -

Growth charts - (free)

mentstat - (free)

clinical evidence - available as an avantgo channel through (free)

I've tried various combos of software, but you have to weigh up
usefulness with free memory. The above setup suite me fine. Its also
possible to get cracked (free) copies of copyrighted medical software for
palm devices just by typing in the name and "crack" to a search engine
like By the way, I didn't tell you that and of course I don't
do it ;-) Have fun.

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16 February 2002
Finn D Nesbitt
Medical Student - Edinburgh