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Streptokinase versus alteplase and other treatments for acute and delayed thrombolysis of blood stains in clothing

BMJ 2000; 321 doi: (Published 23 December 2000) Cite this as: BMJ 2000;321:1554

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My Blood Stain's removal Remedy

Dear Sir,

My congratulations to the authors on a well written article.

As a final year medical student, required to wear white shirts, I
have unfortunately been splattered with blood on rare occasions. I have
discovered, through trial and error, that the best remedy, is normal
strength Hydrogen Peroxide applied within 24hrs to the stained area. The
stain immediately bubbles up, and slowly dissipates. Normal washing in
hot or cold water results in a pristine white shirt.

At present I am unsure how this method works, and my medline searches
have proven unsuccessful. Perhaps the authors could try this
revolutionary technique on their bed sheets in the future.

I have no competing interests nor any affiliation to any hydrogen
peroxide companies.

Yours Respectfully,

Kirby F. Sebro,

Final Year Medical Student,

University Of The West Indies,

Competing interests: No competing interests

22 December 2000
Kirby F Sebro
Final Year Medical Student, University of the West Indies, Trinidad.
Port-Of-Spain General Hospital