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An insider's guide to depression

BMJ 2001; 323 doi: (Published 27 October 2001) Cite this as: BMJ 2001;323:1011

Knowing is seeing

"You see what you know." As we learn more about the brain we
will recognize more affective disorders in our patients. As
we experience more the disease ourselves (as described by the author)we
will truly come to understand it.

In the US, physicians have the occupational hazard of suicide, I
wonder if the initial desire to help others preselects those of us who are
more susceptible to the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The more we share with our colleagues the more we will know, and
hopefully the more we will see in our patients and perhaps in ourselves.

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01 November 2001
Joseph Cramer
General Pediatrician
Murray, Utah, USA