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Health authority employing HIV positive dentist wins anonymity

BMJ 2002; 324 doi: (Published 09 March 2002) Cite this as: BMJ 2002;324:564

Keep The Dentist Working: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS

It is my strong belief that the HIV-Positive Dentist was a victim of
bad science, greed, and adverse politics that were created by the United
States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with the AIDS
establishment. These two entities had declared HIV as the sole cause of
AIDS based merely on assumption. We have a tremendous amount of medical
evidence that clearly proves HIV does not cause AIDS, yet the medications
that are currently used to treat AIDS patients and HIV-positive pregnant
women, are causing serious injuries and even death. However, the CDC and
the AIDS establishment have misinterpreted medical evidence in such a way
that it supports their HIV-hypothesis. Prior to October of 1997, I
believed that HIV had been the cause of AIDS based solely on the
information that had been reported by the CDC and the AIDS establishment.
My view was unquestionably changed when I evaluated the published
literature on the worldwide AIDS epidemic to test the validity of the HIV-
hypothesis and to find the real causes of AIDS. I described my research
findings in my book "Get All the Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS" and my
articles [1,2,3,4,5]. My findings include:

1) HIV is a harmless virus, both in vivo and in vitro. The HIV-
hypothesis is not supported.

2) AIDS in drug users and homosexuals in the U.S. and in Europe
results from heavy ancillary use of glucocorticoids and other
immunosuppressive agents. Physicians prescribe these drugs to treat a wide
range of chronic illnesses of the respiratory and gastrointestinal
systems, and other organs.

3) The appearance of AIDS in the U.S. and Europe coincided with the
approval of glucocorticoid aerosol use in 1976, the introduction of crack
cocaine, the use of heroin by inhalation, and the use of alkyl nitrites by
homosexuals to enhance anal sex.

4) AIDS in hemophiliacs relates to the use of corticosteroids and
other immunosuppressive agents to prevent development of antibodies for
factors VIII and IX, and used to treat other chronic illnesses such as
joint disease.

5) AIDS in people receiving blood and/or tissue follows use of
glucocorticoids to prevent transfusion and tissue rejection, and to treat
other illnesses.

6) AIDS in infants and children is caused by their exposure to drugs
and corticosteroids in utero, and to corticosteroids used after birth to
treat their chronic illnesses.

7) AIDS in Africa results from malnutrition, the consequent release
of endogenous cortisol, and opportunistic diseases. Atrophy in the thymus
and lymphoid tissue in people suffering from malnutrition has been known
since 1925; malnutrition also impairs T cells function. Feeding an
adequate diet reverses these changes. It cures AIDS! Thymus size in
malnourished children increased from 20% of normal to 107% of normal,
after nine weeks of feeding.

8) Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) and lymphoma result from the use of steroids
and drugs, and the release of endogenous cortisol. They are not caused by
a slow virus. Stopping treatment with immunosuppressive agents prior to
metastasis reverses KS in some cases.

9) The medications currently used to treat patients with AIDS, such
as AZT, protease inhibitors, and glucocorticoids are highly toxic. They
can cause AIDS in asymptomatic patients; they worsen the condition of AIDS
patients and even lead to their death. These drugs have no therapeutic
value; their use should stop forthwith.

10) Damage to the immune system is rapidly reversible after removal
of the true insulting agent or treatment of the true causes. Examples: a)
The CD4+ T cells of 1,075 HIV-positive pregnant women increased from
426/uL to 596/uL in six months on a balanced diet. This also improved the
outcome of their pregnancies; and b) In HIV-positive homosexuals, stopping
treatment with glucocorticoids reversed a fall in CD4+ T cells.

Below is a small percentage of the medical evidence that indicates
AIDS is caused by factors other than HIV, which has been overlooked or
misinterpreted by the CDC and the proponents of the HIV-hypothesis.
Anthony Fauci's book [6] contains detailed descriptions of the impact of
illicit drugs, glucocorticoids, and malnutrition on health and the immune
system functions. There are more than 40 medical conditions in risk groups
such as pulmonary fibrosis, thrombocytopenia, and peripheral neuropathy
that have long been treated with high doses of glucocorticoids and other
immunosuppressant medications. The treatment of a patient with Prednisone
at 60 mg per day for more than three months can actually cause AIDS [1,6].
Yet Fauci overlooked these facts when stating that HIV is the cause of

In addition, in 1992, scientists and physicians reported to the CDC
that they had found AIDS and/or low CD4+ T cells in patients who were HIV-
negative. However, Fauci and the CDC did not investigate these cases.
Instead, they gave a new name for this condition: “Idiopathic CD4+ T cells
lymphocytopenia” (ICL). Fauci stated on page 1845 of his book that the
immunological abnormalities in ICL are somewhat different from those of
HIV infection. ICL patients often have decreases in CD8+ T cells and in B
cells. However, on pages 1,809-1,811, he stated that during the late stage
of HIV infection, there is a significant reduction in the numbers of CD8+
T cells and the absolute number of circulating B cells may be depressed in
primary infection [6].

I also reviewed numerous AZT clinical trials and found that AZT is a
very toxic drug, especially to the stem cells in bone marrow (the source
of T and B lymphocytes) [1]. For example, Fischl et al. conducted a
randomized controlled trial in 524 subjects who had a first episode of
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia [7]. These subjects received AZT in either
a dose of 250 mg taken orally every four hours (n=262) or a dose of 200 mg
taken orally every four hours for four weeks and thereafter 100 mg taken
every four hours (n=262). In this study, additional AIDS-defining
opportunistic infections developed in 429 subjects (82%) in the AZT
treated groups. Furthermore, the hemoglobin levels declined to less than
80 g per liter (baseline= 121 g per liter) in 178 subjects; the neutrophil
counts declined to less than 750 per ul (baseline = 2200 per ul) in 230
subjects; and one hundred thirty-four subjects received red-cell
transfusions. One hundred eighty-three subjects (35%) were withdrawn from
AZT therapy because of toxic reactions such as severe anemia and
neutropenia. At 24 months of treatment, the mortality rates were 66% and
73% in the low and standard AZT doses, respectively.

The results of the AZT clinical trials unmistakably show that AZT is
a poison and not a cure. However, the US FDA approved AZT as treatment for
AIDS patients and HIV-positive asymptomatic pregnant women based on the
assumption that HIV causes AIDS. Giving AZT, which destroys bone marrow
cells and fast growing tissues (embryonic and fetal tissues) to people
with AIDS and malnourished pregnant women, is just like putting gasoline
on fire!

My findings have been reviewed and supported by scientists,
physicians, and journalists [2,8-16]. I urge medical organizations,
physicians, scientists, governments, insurance companies, and the general
public to take the appropriate action of evaluating the medical evidence
that describes the factual causes of AIDS. It is not difficult to see that
the HIV-hypothesis has no worth as I did. The physicians, scientists, and
journalists who reviewed my findings also agreed [2,8-16]. Taking the
correct action will certainly turn these unpleasant circumstances of fear
to hope. It will save lives, billions of dollars, and free the world from
the difficult fear of HIV that has been imposed upon us for the past
twenty years. This is just the right, smart, and the moral thing to do!

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15 March 2002
Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
President, Toxicologist and Pathologist
Toxi-Health International, Dixon, CA 95620, USA