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My years with Lyme disease

BMJ 1999; 319 doi: (Published 04 September 1999) Cite this as: BMJ 1999;319:649

Headache, the first symptom of Lyme Disease

I am a Gastroenterologist working with Lyme Disease. I spent a
wonderful year working in The Royal Free Hospital in London with Professor
Sheila Sherlock MD.

I have seen over 1500 patients in my practice. I have found through
many experiences in treating this diseases that the main and most frequent
symptom is a headache. I am not able to understand why Mr. Chris J F
Wilson continues to have this symptom. I have found in my practice that
this symptom is the first to disappear when the proper medication has been

I don't believe in Chronic Lyme Disease. I believe that maybe another
member of the family or maybe even a house pet be infected, therefor
reinfecting Mr. Wilson. Another possibility is that the patient may not be
taking the right medication. The patient should stop taking the treatments
until they are free of all symptoms.

I agree with Mr. Wilson that there are many patients with Lyme
Disease that have not been diagnosed. In my practice, I discover and
average of 6 patients per week. Some of these patients have seen from 2 to
15 doctors and had never been diagnosed. When they come to my office and
they tell me the symptoms that they have such as: headache, insomnia,
depression, arthritis, and other symptoms. I ask them to fill out a
questionaire and if enough questions are answered yes and there is a
possibility for them to have Lyme then I have them take some blood exams.
I always have them take three different tests at the same time: Western
Blot, PCR and Elisa. I do this in order to save time for the patient.

I hope that Dr. Wilson find the right medication and take for the
time needed in order for him to be cured of Lyme Disease.

I hope that this letter is of much help for Dr. Wilson and many other
patients that have Lyme.

Manuel R. Lazo, MD.

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06 September 1999
Manuel R Lazo
Medical Director
Hospital Mexico