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Garages and hospitals, doctors and nurses

BMJ 2000; 321 doi: (Published 23 December 2000) Cite this as: BMJ 2000;321:1621

Garages/hospitals Doctors/Nurses

I agree that without Nurses our profession would have been incomplete and that's why this folk emerged in the evolution of medical field.I understand that Nurse Sveta is doing a marvellouse job but one should not forget that in Team of professionals,it is the doctor who is the leader of the team and this is he/she who takes the brunt of patient's responsibility of care and I believe doctors have achieved this superiority not by chance but after a long struggle and hard work.
Experienced nurses are a great asset of our profession but I think they owe this experience to have a chance of working with good and experienced doctors.
Of course doctors should listen to their nurses suggestion but it should be a suggestion not an assertion because itis not the ego conflict but here comes the professional competency conflict,and I believe if a doctor is a 'real'doctor then there is no question that such conflict should arise because I believe that a doctor's vision is deeper and three dimensional where as nurses mostly act on their learned behaviour which is mostly stereotype and as every doctor knows this fact that two different patients with same medical problem(same diagnosis) will not necessarily be treated on samelines,because here we deal with a human being not "a car" in garage and I'm sure no one in this world can claim that he/she has seen two humanbeings of same nature.

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26 December 2000
Muhammad B Khan
Primary care Physician
Dilley Texas