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BMJ 1999; 319 doi: (Published 28 August 1999) Cite this as: BMJ 1999;319:S2-7209

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Competing Interests

I ought to declare that I have no financial interest nor receive any
remuneration from any organisation mentioned in my article.

I do, however, have an interest in promoting the use of the
'Intrepid' software as the best solution currently available to store the
data that Deans are required to record. It has been suggested from time
to time that a national solution may be imposed on Deans as their database
software at some time in the future. I believe that this would be wrong
and it would have a seriously detrimental effect on the day to day running
of the South Thames Deanery.

Competing interests: No competing interests

31 August 1999
Keith Ryde
Operations/IT Manager
South Thames Deanery, London WC1